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Payment Terms

TooHooT Payment Terms

The use of TooHooT services (“services”) may be subject to the payment of particular fees (“fees”). Clear notice is given of these fees prior to payment and fees are paid in advance. TooHooT Ltd (“TooHooT”) may change its fees at any time.

All fees are paid in US Dollars through the PayPal payment portal, unless other arrangements have been made in consultation with TooHooT.

Proof of purchase

All payments will be accompanied by the issuing of a confirmation of payment, issued via email. You will also receive an automated confirmation of payment from PayPal.

Purchase of Domains

Where domains are requested and paid for, they will be acquired on a ‘best attempt’ basis. If the domain cannot be purchased on your behalf, you will receive a full refund, or the opportunity to request a different domain. TooHooT is not obliged to purchase a domain above the standard value – which TooHooT sets at its discretion e.g. TooHooT will not purchase premium domains. Before a domain is renewed, the relevant renewal fee must be paid. If the renewal payment is not made, the domain will be cancelled. In some instances the domain may be able to be retrieved, but there are no guarantees and it can also be costly to do so. Once the domain has been purchased by us on your behalf, the fee is non-refundable.


Access to our paid services are carried out by the payment of a monthly subscription charge. Access is paid for in advance, and you will need to agree to the monthly payment plan; thereby authorising PayPal to take the monthly payment on our behalf at the appropriate time. The plan can be cancelled at any time. TooHooT reserves the right to terminate any account and cancel any payment plan. Payment plans can be cancelled through your account settings, or directly with PayPal. Once cancelled your access will be reduced to that of a ‘free’ user.

You may upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. If upgrading you will pay an amount calculated from the number of days left in your former subscription, against the cost of the new subscription rate. If you are downgrading or cancelling your account, you will not be refunded any amount, as you have paid up front for a month’s access to our service at the selected level.

Declined payment

If your payment is declined at any point (including chargebacks), your account will be return to either ‘free’ status, or, if you are upgrading, to the status prior to the attempt to upgrade.